your first visit  Broomfield, CO

We are fully COVID-19 compliant in our daily care with patients. Please continue to wear a mask in our waiting room until you are moved into an exam room. As always, your own personal immune system is the strongest armor for protecting you from any disease, known and unknown.

Ask us how best to keep it strong!

What to Expect:

• Gather your full Health History
• Perform a comprehensive chiropractic / orthopedic exam
◦The chiropractic exam includes physical palpation of the spine, range of motion tests, and more to help determine where a subluxation occurs and may be causing nerveinterference.
• Take an X-ray of your complaint, as needed
• Explain the science of Chiropractic care and it’s role in helping the body to heal.
• Perform adjustment(s), as indicated
◦Conditions that require a more comprehensive approach may not receive an adjustment at
this visit

The duration of the first visit can last anywhere from 30-45 minutes. Please arrive in our office 15 minutes prior to your scheduled exam to complete your Health History Form. You can complete your Health History form in advance by selecting it below.

New Patient Paperwork

Download & Print Form

During your first visit, we aim to help you fully understand everything we are doing and why that information is vital to your care. Understanding the role of your nervous system in maintaining the full function of your body will help to bring understanding during this and subsequent visits. Come with your questions, concerns, and hope because we value our health partnership with

Follow Up Care

What to expect:

• X-ray analysis, if taken, that provides additional information about your subluxation(s)
• Presents an extensive Report of Findings
◦We’ll explain, in detail, the result of your exams and recommended care
• Perform adjustment(s), as indicated
Again, come with your questions, concerns, and hope because your full understanding of our approach will benefit you in healing!