James R. Richards, DC

Dr. Jim graduated in 1996 from Life University, College of Chiropractic, following the University of Pittsburgh. He has spent the last 20+ years positively affecting the health and wellness of many patients in Pennsylvania and Colorado through the natural approach of Chiropractic care. He has witnessed how regular spinal manipulations have restored communication to the nervous system (and other internal systems affected by the nervous system) by removing the interferences (subluxations) that cause pain and dysfunction. He uses a variety of techniques based on a patient’s condition and approaches each case with a goal to get the body to reach its potential.

Kristin E. Richards

is a functional nutritionist who aims to make healthy eating easy and attainable. She has experienced with her clients how food can impact an active lifestyle, strengthen the connection between mind and body, provide the nutrients to assist healing, and play a central role in keeping the immune system nourished and strong. When dysfunction occurs, often with what seems like unrelated signs and symptoms, she works with clients to discover what’s going on inside their bodies that prevents optimal function and keeps them from feeling their best, and uses food as the primary focus for healing. Food really is thy best medicine!